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The Red, White and Blue of WNY Beer

Many Americans celebrate USEXIT day with some combination of friends, family, food, fun… and beer. I found three “colorful” beers to help toast the independence of our nation.

Here’s a look at a red, white and blue beer brewed in Western New York.

From left to right: Big Ditch's Galaxy Red, 42 North's Wallonia Wit and Ellicottville's Bluberry Wheat.
From left to right: Big Ditch’s Galaxy Red, 42 North’s Wallonia Wit and Ellicottville’s Blueberry Wheat.


Let’s look at these beers in the order I suggest they be consumed at backyard patio parties and campfire cookouts.


BLUE: Ellicottville Brewing Co.- Blueberry Wheat: Fruity Wheat Beer- 4.8%

EBC’s Blueberry Wheat is the lightest of the three beers listed. This beer also has the distinction of being one of the only beers my wife will drink. And she really enjoys it. She describes this beer as, “It’s like a blueberry muffin. Yum.”

Blueberry Wheat is clear, crisp and clean. The beer brings just the right amount of blueberries to the summer party and is light enough to drink early in the day.

This beer pairs well with sandwiches and “beer-thirty”.


WHITE: 42 North Brewing Co.Wallonia Wit: Belgian Wit- 5.4%

As the party progresses into late afternoon/early evening hours, consider 42 North’s Wallonia Wit. A wit, or witbier, is often referred to a “white beer” because the yeast used to brew this beer give the beer cloudiness. Although Wallonia Wit pours a light straw color, the beer is cloudy and opaque.

Wallonia Wit contains orange peel, coriander and other spices. The relatively high proportion of wheat malt used in this beer provides a fluffy pillow which helps highlight the added spices.

This beer pairs well with grilled chicken, smoked fish, salads and running through water sprinklers.


RED: Big Ditch Brewing Co.Galaxy Red: India Red Ale- 7.0%

The party has progressed into the night and it’s time for “one more” beer. Galaxy Red has been one of my favorite Big Ditch beers since the brewery opened. This beer provides a predictable and pleasant profile of sweetness and citrus.

Galaxy Red pours clear but packs a ton of flavor. This beer contains an Australian hop strain called (not surprisingly) Galaxy. This hop imparts pineapple, mango and papaya flavors. The combination of sweetness from the malt and fruitiness from the hops work well.

This beer pairs with good conversation, gazing at the stars and pondering life.


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  1. Very Nice Spread The Blueberry is my favorite of the three.

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