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Beerology 2016 Presentation- Constructing Beer: The Science of Ingredients

Here is the complete video of my two presentation at The Buffalo Museum of Science on March 5, 2016 at a beer event entitled “Beerology”. The festival is a yearly festival that features food and beer from around the Buffalo region. Beerology focuses on the science of beer and includes vendors, breweries and homebrew clubs.

Constructing Beer: The Science of Ingredients

What makes a beer? Beer is a multisensory phenomenon composed of thousands of chemicals. But for the majority of beer, those chemicals are derived from four starting ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast.

Students in the Erie Community College Brewing Science and Service program, under the guidance of the Buffalo Beer Biochemist, Kevin Wise, designed recipes and brewed beer with the goal of highlighting one of the four main ingredients in beer. Students were assigned to teams and tasked with brewing a beer that would showcase either water, malt, hops or yeast.

The student-made beers cover a diverse spectrum of aromas and flavors from dark and roasted to golden and bitter. Beerology attendees are invited to sample beer brewed with a purpose and discover the science of ingredients used in constructing beer.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Here are some photos from the event thanks to one of the ECC students, Sherry Fossett.

Flyer at Beerology 2016.
Flyer at Beerology 2016.


Museum Floor
Beerology event starting to fill up.


ECC Brewing
ECC Brewing Science and Service Students at Beerology 2016


Getting ready to pour beers for Beerology-goers.
Getting ready to pour beers for thirsty Beerology attendees.


Pouring Samples
Pouring samples in the auditorium for the crowd.


A packed house drank nearly 45 gallons of ECC student-made beer.
A packed house drank nearly 45 gallons of ECC student-made beer.


Presenting at Beerology.
Presenting at Beerology.


Kevin talk about yeast at Beerology 2016
Kevin talks about yeast at Beerology 2016.


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  1. Great job, extremely informative. The students are very fortunate to have you as their instructor, you wear your passion for beer on your sleeve, Don

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