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Beer Review: Southern Tier 2X Presso

Another bitterly dark and cold night called for another bitterly dark and cold beer.  I have been wanting to try 2X Presso for a while, and tonight was the perfect chance to do so.  Perhaps a little known fact about me is that I don’t drink coffee.  Or hot beverages in general (weird, right?).  But my anti-proclivity for coffee did not make me shy away from 2X Presso.  And I’m glad it didn’t, because this beer is pretty damn good, even to a non-coffee drinker.

2X Presso is classified as a milk stout beer.  When making milk stouts, brewers add
unfermentable sugars, usually lactose, to add body
and sweetness to the beer.  Here is a picture of my Southern Tier 2X Presso, a Milk/ Sweet Stout beer with a #47 rank in category according to

Southern Tier Brewing Company: 2X Presso
ABV: 7.5%
Style: Milk / Sweet Stout
Rank: #47 in style

2X Presso poured a dark black color with a half-finger tan head.  2X Presso showed minimal lacing as the head dissipated.  The smell was malty and roasty, with coffee.  The taste of 2X Presso was about the same, with a distinct milky sweetness on top of a strong coffee, toasted malt base.   I didn’t get much of the lemon peels, although they are claimed to be present.  2X Presso finished pretty clean, roasty, and sweet.  At 7.5%, 2X Presso definitely packs a punch while delivering a solid stout flavor.

If you like stouts I would recommend trying out 2X Presso from Southern Tier.  I purchased this beer at Consumer’s Beverages.

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