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Beer Review: Lucky S.O.B. Irish Style Red

This week’s Irish-themed beer comes to you from Frederick, MD, and Flying Dog Brewery.  Flying Dog Brewery is triangulated about 1 hour northwest of Baltimore and Washington, D.C.  Flying Dog Brewery is known for such craft concoctions as Raging Bitch Belgian IPA, Gonzo Imperial Porter, and Snake Dog IPA.  I’ve always been a fan of their creative cartoonish artwork and beer quality.  The beer I chose to review today is Lucky S.O.B. Irish Style Red.

Here is a picture of my Lucky S.O.B. Irish Style Red.

Lucky S.O.B. Irish Style Red
ABV: 5.0%
Style: Irish Red Ale
Rating: #52 in style

Lucky S.O.B. Irish Style Red pours a clear copper with an tan/ecru stable foam head.  The sweet caramel smell characteristic of an Irish red ale malt is present, along with nut and toffee.  Barely any hops are noticeable on the nose.  Lucky S.O.B. Irish Style Red tastes how it looks: very clean.  The taste is rich caramel malt and a nice crisp bite.  Other flavors detected in Lucky S.O.B. Irish Style Red include toast, grain, and very minimal hops.  A light tea-flavor is also evident.  The mouthfeel of Lucky S.O.B. Irish Style Red is medium-bodied and malty.

One of the alleged ingredients in Lucky S.O.B. Irish Style Red is four-leaf clovers.  I don’t really get a lot of clover taste from this beer, so I’ll take Flying Dog’s word on this one.  I do, however, hope that drinking Lucky S.O.B. Irish Style Red brings me the luck of the Irish.  Lucky S.O.B. Irish Style Red would make a good session beer due to drinkability.  Lucky S.O.B. Irish Style Red is very much in-line with the traditional Irish red ale style and quite tasty.

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