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Beer Review: Ithaca Flower Power

I’m always pleased to see fresh Ithaca Beer Co. Flower Power in the beer cooler.  Despite being available year-round, Flower Power resurfaces with spring beer offerings.  And with the biting cold and sub-zero temperatures this week, we all could benefit from thoughts of spring and flowers.  So I welcomed Flower Power into my cart at Consumer’s Beverages.

With 4,648 reviews on, Flower Power easily wins the award for Ithaca’s top ranked beer.  In comparison, the second most reviewed Ithaca beer is Cascazilla with 1,179 reviews.  And with a 4.24/5 rating, Flower Power is also one of Ithaca’s most highest rated and most beloved beers by drinkers.

Here is a picture of my Flower Power:

Ithaca Brewing: Flower Power
ABV: 7.5%
Style: American IPA
Rank: #52 in style at

Flower Power pours a hazy medium gold with a one finger head that lingers after the pour.  There is quite a bit of lacing that can be seen as the beer level recedes down the glass.  The nose of Flower Powerr is full of tropical fruits and pine.  The taste of Flower Power is flavorful at first, filled with mostly straight-forward hops and a touch of fruit and honey sweetness.  After a few seconds, Flower Power is bitter, maybe even a little too much so for some people.  Flower Power is strong at 7.5% ABV.  This alcohol is detectable and warms the palate, but not overwhelmingly so.  The mouthfeel of Flower Power is light with a hint of sticky, but the carbonation is just fine.

My overall impression of Flower Power is a very strong but very drinkable American Pale Ale.  I do feel Flower Power lingers a little bitter on the back end of the taste, but I wouldn’t consider this characteristic a major flaw.  Flower Power showcases prominent floral hop character while maintaining a strong malt backbone.

The floral notes of Flower Power tease me for the return of spring while the lingering bitter hops remind me of winter.

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