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Beer Review: Conway’s Irish Ale

From Lake Erie neighbor city Cleveland comes Great Lakes Brewing Company and their Conway’s Irish Ale.  Because this is St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I will be reviewing a series of Irish-themed beers all weekend!

So what makes an Irish red ale?  Indicators of an Irish red ale are a sweet light-hopped tea-like flavor with pleasant toasted malt character.  Conway’s Irish Ale is ranked #3 in the category of Irish Red Ale.

So who is this Conway chap, and why is he pictured on this beer?  The Great Lakes website reveals that this is Patrick Conway, the grandfather of co-owners Patrick and Daniel.  Patrick Conway was a Cleveland policeman who directed traffic near the brewery for 25 years.

Here is a picture of my Conway’s Irish Ale.

Great Lakes Brewing Company: Conway’s Irish Ale
ABV: 6.5%
Style: Irish Red Ale
Rating: #3 in style

Conway’s Irish Ale pours a clear amber color and has very little head retention.  The aroma of Conway’s Irish Ale is of caramel and toasted malt.  The taste of Conway’s Irish Ale is sweet, and bready.  There is little to no hop flavor at all, and Conway’s Irish Ale does indeed go down smooth.  The mouthfeel is a bit creamy and maybe even a bit sticky, and the carbonation is very light.

Keeping with the traditional Irish red ale style, this beer is true to form.  Conway’s Irish Ale is highly drinkable and leaves a sweet finish.  You would appreciate this beer if you don’t like overtly hoppy IPAs and desire a very drinkable beer for this celebratory St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

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