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Beer Review: Cobblestone Stout

From our friends north of the border at Mill St. Brewery comes Cobblestone Stout.  Keeping in line with this week’s Irish themed reviews, Cobblestone Stout is an Irish dry stout.  I purchased Cobblestone Stout from Premiere Gourmet in a pleasantly plump 15 ounce (440 mL) can.

Here is a picture of my Mill St. Brewery Cobblestone Stout.

Mill St. Brewery: Cobblestone Stout
ABV: 6.0%
Style: Irish Dry Stout
Rating: #29 in style

Cobblestone Stout is brewed in the theme of a traditional Irish dry stout, and this beer is certainly in line with the likes of other traditional dry Irish stouts I’ve tried with subtle distinctions.  This beer is full of gas.  Upon opening the can there is a release of beer gas, and immediately foam begins an attempt to escape the can.  The thick khaki coloured head rises and Cobblestone Stout pours very Guinness-esque.  The color of Cobblestone Stout is a dark brown to black and yet Cobblestone Stout retains a light-bodied look and feel in the glass.  The smell is of sweet roasted malt.  The taste is roasted malt with complexity supplied by coffee, chocolate, and walnut flavors.  In Cobblestone Stout, hops are not showcased, but are present.  The mouthfeel of Cobblestone Stout is silky smooth and light.  I found Cobblestone Stout to be well-balanced and true to Irish dry stout form.  At 4.2%, Cobblestone Stout is very sessionable and would be enjoyed by anyone with a penchant for Irish dry stouts.

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