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Beer Review: Sweet Baby Jesus!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that everyone is enjoying time with family and friends. I’m always looking for an appropriately themed beer for the holidays. This Christmas, there’s been one beer I’ve been waiting for. From DuClaw Brewing Company comes Sweet Baby Jesus!, a chocolate peanut butter porter.

Beer blurb from the DuClaw website.
Sweet Baby Jesus! won the 2014 Bronze Medal award at the Great American Beer Festival in the chocolate beer category. DuClaw has four locations, including one at the Baltimore-Washington International airport. This beer is not available locally (to the best of my knowledge). I obtained this beer from my cousin, Hops Ryno, who was kind enough to relinquish a 12 oz. bottle.
Sweet Baby Jesus! is made with a variety of malts, including pale, chocolate, Crystal, Munich, brown, and roasted barley. Hop are minimal, and include Fuggle and Goldings.
Here’s a picture of my Sweet Baby Jesus!
DuClaw Brewing Company: Sweet Baby Jesus!
ABV: 6.2%
Style: American Porter


Sweet Baby Jesus! is essentially a Reese’s cup in a glass. The beer pours pitch black and maintains a frothy tan head. The aroma is peanut butter and chocolate, and you can virtually smell the sweetness. The taste is more of the same: peanut butter and chocolate, but with a strong roasted component. This rich and creamy beer finishes quite dry, actually, and the hops and alcohol are apparent after a taste.

This beer would make a fine pairing to any of those holiday cookies, pies, and chocolate candies.

DuClaw also makes an imperial version of this beer called For Pete’s Sake! which comes in at 9% and contains a few more hops.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and get to enjoy a beer with friends and family on this fine day. Cheers!

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  1. How does this compare to Resurgence’s peanut butter porter? Is it worth the leg work to pick up a bottle or two?

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