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Beer Review: Resurgence IPA

I first stepped foot into Resurgence Brewing Company during their opening weekend.  If you asked me what my favorite beer was at that time, I would have said Resurgence IPA.  Today, I have to say that Resurgence IPA is still my favorite beer they produce.  And I enjoy Resurgence IPA even more now that I have had the opportunity to taste this beer from a can.  I picked up a six-pack of 12 ounce cans from a local Consumer’s Beverages store after reading a favorable review from someone else who really enjoyed this beer in cans.


Burlington Vermont seems to be the place for obtaining amazing cans of beer.  So after visiting there, I automatically compare any can of beer to that very high standard of beers I experienced in Burlington.  And that is a tough act to follow.  While I’m not quite ready to place Resurgence IPA at a top can level with Heady Topper and Sip O’ Sunshine, I will proclaim that brewmaster Dave Collins has produced a top-notch local IPA.

If you like IPAs, you will be happy with this one.  When popped open, the can does a great job shoehorning the hop aromas and infusing citrus and grapefruit notes right into your nostrils.  Take in a strong whiff.  Yes, those are Amarillo, Simcoe, and New Zealand hops.  Take a taste.  West coast style resiny flavors mix with pine and leave a dry finish.  There’s a heavy malt presence, but balanced by a 7.2% ABV load.  At 80 IBU Resurgence IPA packs a punch of bitterness that is balanced well.  After taking a few sips you will be smacking your lips involuntarily to enjoy the slight lingering sweetness.


Resurgence Brewing Company: Resurgence IPA
ABV: 7.2%
Style: American IPA

I want to take this opportunity to highlight the importance that canned beer has in our lives.  People like cans.  Hell, I grew up drinking cans.  I grew up on both kinds of canned beer: Molson and Labatts.  Cans are easy to take to Buffalo Bills games, great during summer parties in coolers, and not as damaging when thrown against a wall.  And it’s really hard to shotgun out of a bottle.  From a drinking perspective, cans definitely funnel and enhance the aroma of beer after the tab is pulled.  And taking lessons from Burlington Vermont, where cans are commonplace, I expect that Buffalo will see a lot more cans from local breweries.

I have two suggestions for Resurgence IPA, neither of which speak to the quality of the beer, but rather to marketing.  First, I’m not sure why a six-pack of this beer is priced slightly higher ($0.50 to $1.00) than other six-packs of comparable IPA, both local and national.  I’d like to see this beer come in at a competitive price when compared to other canned IPAs.  Second, I want to see this beer in a 16 ounce can!  From a beer-drinker perspective, and a marketing perspective, this is the way canned beer is trending, at least if Burlington Vermont is any indication.  Those adjustments aside, Resurgence IPA is a very solid choice.


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