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Beer Review: Hamburg Irish Red

Around this time last year, I tasted a few “true-to-style” Irish reds, and one of my local favorites was Flying Bison’s Aviator Red. And that beer is still one of my local favorites.

Having said that, I have been particularly enticed by Hamburg Brewing Company’s Irish Red Ale. Leading up to this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve been sampling this beer here and there and decided to pick up a six-pack at my local Consumer’s Beverages.

Here’s a photo of my six-pack:

Hamburg’s Irish Red pairs hits the malt mark.


The Irish red style of beer is not for everyone, but then again, that can be said for any beer style really. So let me be more specific. If you’re looking for a hop forward beer, this style of beer isn’t for you. And Hamburg’s Irish Red ale is true to style.

Irish reds are characterized by a malt forward presence, and contain modest caramel and bready flavors. The malts are usually very light roasted notes and border on the smoky side. While Hamburg’s Irish Red doesn’t venture into the smoky side, I feel as though it could have.

Here’s a picture of my beer:

A photo of my Irish Red pour.


Roasted barley and caramel malt provide this beer with all the flavor and aroma it needs. A standard sprinkle of Willamette hops tip the scale ever so slightly back to balance, but not by much. Irish Red is certainly malt forward and finished dry to slightly sweet.

Sometimes these simpler beers are harder to perfect- any misstep can result in an obvious flaw. I’m not finding any flaws in this one. This peaty treat hits the malt mark and will pair quite nicely with a corned beef on rye sandwich. Sláinte!



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