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Beer Review: Galaxy White IPA w/Brett

My friend Ryan passed on this bottle to me a few weeks back, and I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to pop this bottle open.  Today seemed like a good day.  After a rather lengthy day at work I required a nice quaff to slake my thirst.  Anchorage Brewing Company’s Galaxy White IPA (bottled with Brett) certainly provided a unique treat for the evening.

Anchorage Brewing Company (located in Anchorage, Alaska of course) specializes in barrel fermentation with Brettanomyces yeast.  Founded by brewer Gabe Fletcher, Anchorage makes such beers as Love Buzz Saison, The Tide & Its Takers, and the subject of this review, Galaxy White IPA.  As an aside, their web site is quite impressive and enjoyable to browse, and filled with neat 3D graphics.

Anchorage has been coolship’ing since November of 2012; a process where natural fermentation of open wort is used.   Here is a picture of their coolship nestled in between some fine looking barrels.  The coolship craze has been adopted by a few breweries now, with the anticipated result of producing unique fermentation results caused by local yeast organisms that might find their way into the open wort.

Coolship at Anchorage Brewing Company.

Although I don’t believe Galaxy White IPA was produced using this coolship, there is still plenty of interesting Brett and bottle character in this beer.  Here is a description of Galaxy White IPA straight from their web site:

Galaxy White IPA

Here’s a picture of my Galaxy White IPA, bottled in April of this year.


Anchorage Brewing Company: Galaxy White IPA w/Brett
ABV: 7.0%
Style: Belgian IPA
Rating: #10 in style at

I cork popped off this bottle of Galaxy White IPA with zeal and force; I knew this beer was going to be very foamy and bubbly.  Galaxy White IPA poured a pale straw color and almost looked white coming out of the bottle.  That may have been the power of suggestion as I knew this was billed as a white IPA.  The large foam bubbles cascaded to the top of the glass and gave off a wonderful aroma of that funkiness that Brett is famous for.  The bubbles receded slowly and left a nice foamy muffin top at the top of the glass.  The aroma of Galaxy White IPA is strong in musky Brett tones with a layering of spice.  The taste is much more intense than the smell, and the palate is immediately struck with an intense Brett funk.  A champagne like quality devolves into coriander and Galaxy hops.  The beer ends with a dry mouthfeel, and with clean and crisp effervescence qualities.

Overall, Galaxy White IPA is quite unique and deserves a taste.  This beer may not be for everyone, especially if you don’t like or care for the intense and unique flavors of Brettanomyces yeast.  The Galaxy hops are somewhat muzzled by the Brett, but undoubtedly these outstanding hops play a role in rounding out this beer.  The French oak barrels used to brew this beer lend a distinct and wonderful quality to the beer, placing this beer a notch above some others.


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