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Beer Place: The Moor Pat

Recently opened The Moor Pat in Williamsville, NY, co-owned by Mike Shatzel and Peter Braun, is one of my favorite beer places… ever.  So it wasn’t really a question of IF I should do a review, but WHEN I should do a review.  And last night seemed like the perfect night to call a few friends and head out to Williamsville to see what was on tap.  As always my friends and I were completely satisfied with all aspects of The Moor Pat.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with this cozy beer place called The Moor Pat, a part of me doesn’t want you to be.  I want this place all to myself.  I want the classic rock music.  I want the friendly service.  I want the local Spar’s sausage and fresh-cut fries.  And I want one of every beer.  Another part of me wants to inform everyone just how great The Moor Pat is.  Silly me, I used to believe that The Moor Pat was a hidden gem.  I believed I could sneak off here on an early evening to have a rare beer in a quiet setting.  But now I realize that may never happen; The Moor Pat is experiencing steady business even at times you wouldn’t expect.

The Moor Pat does an excellent job at balancing demand and satisfaction.  There aren’t many seats, and there is only one room of drinking space.  But you can find a seat if you’re patient.  There is a unisex bathroom but never much of a line.  Of average size, the bar area is standing room only most nights. Frequently, the bar is three people deep ordering a beer.  And yet you never have to wait more than a couple minutes to have a full glass of beer in your hand.  There are only two televisions in the bar, but you honesty could care less if they are even turned on.

All you really care about is what beer you will try next.

Beers are frequently kicked and new ones tapped.

The beer board at The Moor Pat is constantly evolving.  Just last night four new beers were tapped during my visit.  There are 20 beers on tap, but it feels like many more.  There is a great mix of kolsch, pale ale, IPA, farmhouse, stout, gose and foreign imports.  Based on my observations, I would say the taps undergo a complete turnover about every 10-14 days.  Even during the busiest time in the evening, when a keg is kicked a replacement beer is immediately tapped.  Last night people watched in anticipation and excitement as Shaun entered the names of newly tapped beers.  In fact, since my departure last night, two new beers have already been tapped.

 Sugar Shaun pens a replacement beer.

My night at The Moor Pat started with a Ballast Point Grunion, an excellent American pale ale.  I then tried the Stone Enjoy By 3.14.15, a beer that is purposefully fresh.

 Ballast Point Grunion.


  Jacquelyn delivers my Stone Enjoy By with pleasant panache.

The Moor Pat always has a few rare bottles on-hand as well.  My friends ordered a bottle of the Brewfist Burocracy IPA from Italy.  Of course Shaun delivered the bottle right to our table.

 Shaun delivers a Brewfist Burocracy IPA to our table.
Brewfist Burocracy from Italy.

An intermission to the bathroom revealed a sticky note parade.  People can write notes with funny phrases and post them anywhere in the bathroom they wish.

Bathroom sticky note musings.

I then tried another great beer, AleSmith Brewing’s My Bloody Valentine.  This beer had an awesome roasty smell and a distinctive amber roast taste.  I would grant this beer the award for “most unique” on the beer board for the night.

AleSmith’s My Bloody Valentine.

Along with the beer selection, the music selection at The Moor Pat gets an all-star rating.  Classic rock favorites such as Rolling Stones, Paul Simon, and Black Crowes encourage lengthy beer sessions and spirited conversation.  Amazingly, two bartenders manage to serve the entire crowd with alacrity.  Cozy accommodations coupled with excellent service and ambiance make The Moor Pat a premiere craft beer lover destination.  The Moor Pat also offers scotch, whiskey, and bourbon selections.

 My friends Susan and Diane enjoying their night at The Pat.
Williamsville residents Mike and Laura, and myself, are satisfied with our beers.

Even on the coldest of February nights and the most treacherous of traveling conditions, The Moor Pat was packed.  I can only imagine how busy The Moor Pat will be in the summer!  The Moor Pat plans to open a beer garden to satisfy summer thirst.

The Moor Pat is a master of supply and demand, leaving you fearful you might miss a rare beer if you don’t visit often.  Sounds to me like the solution is to visit often.  You’ll be glad you did.

The Moor Pat
78 East Spring St.
Williamsville, NY

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