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Beer Place: Brick Oven Bistro

Brick Oven Bistro is located in South Buffalo on Abbott Road.  Because I work a mere two miles away I am usually tempted to visit the Brick Oven Bistro by co-workers, especially on a Friday early evening.  So a couple of co-workers and I decided to hit the Brick Oven Bistro for a few early drinks.  From the outside, the Brick Oven Bistro has an unassuming but welcoming profile.  Lucky enough for me the sun was shining today (“what is that big glowing orb in the sky?”), so I was able to capture a nice picture of the exterior of the building.

I grabbed a bar stool with friends around 4:15 pm.  There were not many people there- which is exactly what I was hoping.  My friends Charlie and Debbie and I saddled up to the bar and began our journey.  I looked over the beer list and was very pleased.  They always offer some great drafts at the Brick Oven Bistro, at reasonable prices, and I appreciate the rotating craft beer selection.  The Brick Oven Bistro always has a solid 15 rotating craft beer selections.

I was VERY pleased to see a few local brewery offerings on tap, including Hamburg Brewing, Resurgence Brewing, Old First Ward Brewing, Community Beer Werks, and Big Ditch Brewing.  Without hesistation the first beer I ordered was a Big Ditch Low Bridge Golden Hoppy Ale.  I really enjoy this beer, and this was a great beer to sample first.  I’m sure you will be reading more from me about Buffalo newcomer Big Ditch Brewing in the very near future.

The bar began a steady influx of patrons.  People began entering the Brick Oven Bistro in pairs and three at a time until the bar was bustling with activity around 5:30 pm.  Because there were so many great selections to choose from I decided to try a flight of beers.

From left to right, I sampled an Anchor Christmas Ale, Gene McCarthy’s Old First Ward Red Clover Ale, Community Beer Works The Frank, and one of my favorites, Sculpin IPA.  The flight was a great way to sample a few of Brick Oven Bistro‘s ample beer offerings.  I was then introduced to co-owner Chuck Goodspeed.  Chuck was amazingly attentive and served many thirsty patrons, but took time to say hi to my friends and I.  I asked Chuck if he had any special beers worth trying that might not be on the menu, and he said “You know, there’s been one beer I’ve been wanting to try… be right back.”  Chuck returned with a bottle of Resurgence Imperial Sponge Candy Stout.  He took a small sample for himself and then handed the bottle over to me.  I should have known, but I did not know, that Resurgence Brewing was selling bottles of this wonderful concoction!  I feel special that I was able to try one.

The foamy head of this beer tasted exactly like sponge candy.  The bubbly head and rich chocolate beer body reminded me exactly of what it’s like to bite into a piece of sponge candy.  Of course this beer was 10% ABV so I had to have some food, else I would be calling a cab.  I enjoyed a bruschetta appetizer and filled myself with a hearty supply of bread, tomatoes, and spices before heading home.

Many thanks to Chuck Goodspeed and John Glavey for entertaining us tonight.  If you are in South Buffalo please stop into Brick Oven Bistro.  You will not be disappoined at the beer and the food is outstanding.  As their name suggests, Brick Oven Bistro delivers delicious brick-oven pizzas, but all of their food is delicious.  In addition, Brick Oven Bistro maintains an extremely respectable and rotating craft beer tap and bottle selection.

Their website is:
Brick Oven Bistro and Deli

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