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Beer Battle: Session IPA Tournament Amherst Regional

This is the second of four bracket battles between popular (and available) session beers.  Remember, my wife randomly poured these four beers into four different glasses.  I then chose two of the four glasses randomly to drink.  I selected which one I liked best.  Then, I tasted the other two remaining beers, and picked a winner from those two.  I then took the two “winners” and had those beers square off against one another for one overall winner from the four beers.

Here are some pictures of the Amherst regional participants.


The second regional battle included the following four beers ( rating in parentheses).

  • Green Flash Citra Session: 4.5%, (89)
  • Left Hand Introvert: 4.9%, (83)
  • Founders All Day: 4.7% (87)
  • Ellicottville 2 Brothers: 4.7% (N/A)
Amherst Regional Sessions
Randomized Pours

The first pairing was between Green Flash Citra Session and Left Hand IntrovertGreen Flash Citra Session poured very clean and with no apparent haze.  Green Flash Citra Session had a fantastic aroma and even better taste for a session beer; full of citrus.  But this match-up really wasn’t a battle at all, because Left Hand Introvert poured very cloudy with tons of “snowflake” sediment.  I don’t mind my sessions a bit hazy, but this amount of sediment was unacceptable to me.  My wife asked me if she made a mistake pouring the Left Hand Introvert.  I said no.  In addition, Left Hand Introvert was very bitter and not really pleasant.  Vote here is an easy one.  You don’t have to look at any more yellow text.  Green Flash Citra Session wins.

The second pairing was between Founders All Day and Ellicottville 2 BrothersFounders All Day was well-balanced and had a pleasant mix or aroma and hop flavor.  This is a solid beer with good drinkability.  Ellicottville 2 Brothers poured clear with nice carbonation.  Ellicottville 2 Brothers was very smooth with pleasant yet fairly straight-forward hops.  This was the tougher of the two battles, but in the end I went with Founders All Day based largely on the balance achieved between aroma and taste.

Green Flash Citra Session then squared off against Founders All Day for the Amherst regional championship.  Green Flash Citra Session was perfectly clean and well-balanced.  No lingering aftertaste was detected at all.  Founders All Day poured cloudy with a slight haziness.  The drinkability factor with both of these beers is very comparable (and high).  But, in a blind tasting, and drinking them side-by-side, I found Green Flash Citra Session to be the better beer of the two.  Green Flash Citra Session is smooth, well-balanced, and of course loaded with citra hops.  All these factors make Green Flash Citra Session a sessionable masterpiece, and the winner of the Amherst session beer regional!

Amherst Regional


Congratulations to Green Flash Citra Session, the winner of the Amherst Region.    This beer will advance to meet the winner of the Cheektowaga bracket.  Here is what the 2015 Session IPA bracket looks like following the Amherst regional battles.  Next up will be the Hamburg regional bracket.  Check back next week for participants and results.

Session Beer Tournament_2015_Round2

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