Beer reviews, beer places, beer science.


The Buffalo Beer Biochemist

Kevin Wise, Ph.D.


I love learning about beer and sharing my information with others.  I have a thirst for beer and the science behind beer.  Here’s what I hope to accomplish along the way:

(1) Beer reviews.  I consider myself a craft beer aficionado and fan.  I enjoy reviewing a broad range of beers, and let you know where they might be available for consumption/purchase.

(2) Brewery and beerpub reviews.  The craft beer industry in Western New York is an exploding scene!  There are so many new and exciting places to drink beer.  I will visit some of those places and report back.

(3) Beer science.  I will elaborate on the science of beer.  I have a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and conducted research on yeast genetics.  I hope to apply that knowledge to beer.

(4) Beer events.  I will list upcoming events, festivals, and meetings.

Thank you for visiting my site!  I hope your enjoy reading about beer as much as I enjoy writing about it.