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12 Beers For the New Year: Two Roads Road 2 Ruin

The beer for Day 2 of the 12 Beers for the New Year is Two Roads Brewing Road 2 Ruin double IPA. I actually managed to find a beer that has both the number “2” and the spelling of “two” in the title. For Day 1, click on this link.

Don’t bother trying to find this beer in Western New York- I have yet to see this beer available locally. This beer came included in a “care package” from a friend in Vermont (oh yes, there were some Heady Topper and Sip O’ Sunshine cans in yonder package, too).

Two Roads brewery is located in Stratford, Connecticut. Brewmaster Phil Markowski was formerly the brewmaster at Publick House in Southampton for 16 years, and New England Brewing for 6 years. His resume is full of awards at national festivals. Markowski’s brews have earned 22 (11 Gold, 7 Silver and 6 Bronze) Medals at the Great American Beer Festival  in Denver, Colorado. Two Roads Brewing won 14 medals at The Great International Beer Festival in Providence, RI on October 24th. Two Roads Holiday Ale was recently named one of the top 15 best Christmas beer by Men’s Journal.

Get the point? This guy knows how to brew! Well, he also knows how to write. He wrote a book entitled “Farmhouse Ales,” published in 2004.


Here’s a picture of my Two Roads Road 2 Ruin:


Two Roads Brewing Company: Road 2 Ruin
ABV: 8.0%
Style: American Double / Imperial IPA
Rating: 88/100 (114 reviews) on

This beer was poured into my Spiegelau IPA glass, and produced quite substantial foam. Road 2 Ruin possessed a clear straw/gold color and aromas of resin and pine. Road 2 Ruin doesn’t have a strong malt backbone, but instead relies on a fine balance of hops and “plenty of bite” (as the can implied). The hops are Summit, Palisade, Cascade, and Magnum. The beer does a fine job at balancing the hops, but leans towards heavy resin and pine notes, and not so much on the citrus and floral notes.

Road 2 Ruin is crisp and dry and leaves strong hop presence on your palate. This isn’t your common big bready/malty IPA hop bomb that has come to dominate the charts. Instead, Road 2 Ruin is a clean, well-balanced IPA with substantial hop presence and high drinkability.

At 8% ABV, Road 2 Ruin will leave you unable to drive after a couple of these 16 oz cans. So make sure you have a driver to help complete your journey to Ruin.

This is Day 2 of 12 Beers for the New Years. To see the other review, click here:
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