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12 Beers for the New Year: Sixpoint Global Warmer

Day 6 (half way there!) brings Sixpoint Brewery’s Global Warmer, a 7% American Amber / Red Ale from Brooklyn NY. Sixpoint was founded in 2004 in Red Hook, Brooklyn. And with the weather in Buffalo this winter, I found it particularly appropriate to purchase a beer called “Global Warmer”. We have only 1 day where the temperature has dropped to freezing in ALL of December! I’m writing this down so next year I can taunt myself. I guess this warm December is nature’s way of a “make up call” up for the coldest February on record just 10 months ago. But back to the beer…

Global Warmer

The Sixpoint logo is a combination of the brewer’s hexagram and the nautical star, and more information about the hexagram can be found here.  The Sixpoint brewer’s star possesses roots in alchemy. The hexagram symbolizes the balance between the masculine elements of fire and air and the feminine elements of water and earth. Notice also that the nautical star only has five points, whereas the Sixpoint star has, of course, six.


Nautical Star

Here’s a picture of my Sixpoint Global Warmer:

Sixpoint Global Warmer

Sixpoint Brewery: Global Warmer
ABV: 7.0%
Style: American Amber / Red Ale
Rating: #35 in style at


Winter Warmer is (on the surface) a very straight-forward red ale… But wait a minute, something is amiss. I expected this beer to pour a bit more reddish given the style, but that’s fine. It should be noted that on its web site for Global Warmer, Sixpoint does mention:

Naturally, the beer doesn’t conform to existing style guidelines, because the Mad Scientists brew to their own tastes.

There are hop citrus aromas but I find that they fight (blend?) with a sweet malt smell. The taste is just about the same as the aroma, lots of blended flavors competing for the attention of your senses. There’s almost a hint of chocolate as well and a distinctive herbal tone. I’m guessing there’s a couple handfuls of chocolate malt thrown into the mash somewhere during the brewing of this beer. One thing is certain: Global Warmer is a mash-up of styles and flavors and hard to pinpoint.

It’s clear that the brewers don’t like to shoehorn neatly into style, and that’s fine. And of course this style-masher made me think so much about what category the beer should be in that I didn’t even notice the 7% beer go down faster than the temperature after this current winter heat wave.

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